what we do

Using visual design is a powerful way to attract your people and grow your business. Maple Creative will work with you to give you the tools you need to reach your long-term business goals.
Using a unique and thorough Discovery Process, together, we’ll uncover the sparkle that sets your business apart, create a visual identity to capture attention and then develop the marketing materials you need to make it shine. From logo design to print and digital collateral, we have the resources to become your marketing department so you can watch your business grow.

Our Process

Beautiful design will only get you so far. In order to have impact, it has to be informed. That’s why at Maple Creative, we use a unique Discovery Process to launch every project we take on. The purpose of this thorough session is to uncover the true purpose of your business—the passion that keeps you moving forward everyday. We dig deep to reveal the hidden gems that make your business special and use those findings to customize solutions to help your business grow.

Our team is passionate about helping your business reach your goals with intelligent, artistic visual branding. From logo design to print and digital marketing materials, we partner with you to make sure every point of contact in reaching your ideal customer is on-brand, memorable, and effective.

Let Maple Creative become your marketing department and watch your business grow.

Lets Get Started

How It Works

1. Plant Seeds

Together, we’ll explore and discover your why, identify your ideal client, and outline your goals.

2. Establish Roots

We’ll help you create or strengthen the your visual identity (or your logo)

3. Branch Out

We’ll provide you with a customized package of Brand Essentials, Marketing Materials and Website Design Support

4. Enjoy Success

We partner with you on an ongoing basis to ensure you are staying relevant in an ever changing marketplace

Lets Get Started