Monthly Archive Of July 2020


Adjacent: Becky Brown

I’ve known Becky for several years now, both personally and professionally. From the moment I met her, I knew she was something special. Since she started her business, iWrite, as a copywriter, I’ve had the pleasure of working with her on several creative projects.

I’m especially taken by Becky’s endless curiosity and genuine desire to dig deeper, which ensures that all the right questions are answered before she even dives into the writing. Whether we’re collaborating on a single project or I’ve left my clients in her capable hands, her professionalism, attention to detail, strong follow-through and inspired writing always leaves my clients feeling well taken care of. She’s written the content for numerous websites, print and digital ads, emails and blogs and never disappoints.

We hold our work and our clients to similar high standards, and also don’t take ourselves too seriously, which makes collaborating with her seamless, worry-free and fun.

Just being in her presence has a unique way of making you feel seen, heard and understood. If you are seeking copywriting services to create messaging for your business that is on-brand, memorable and effective I encourage you to reach out to Becky Brown.